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Silhouettes of the rising sun -Japan

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RETRACING MODERNITY - Bauhaus to Biennale

01 Nov 2016 - 14 Nov 2016

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The WAT Experience

Make the most of your travel by getting the inside track on architecture, buildings and landscapes from experts.

Our knowledge of the destination and local culture ensure that our tours are enriching and professionally engaging. We visit the most interesting parts of the city and discover it through an architectural lens. Our tour plans are an outcome of attentive research and exploration, and are formulated by architects and professionals of repute.

The most attractive part of travelling with us is the company of people with common interests and similar passion. Our tours are also perfect for the solo traveler as we make all efforts to engage with you as a part of a larger group.

Smaller groups mean better engagement and structure; we limit participants on our tours by specifying the applicable maximum in the tour plans.

Discover current architectural developments, urban contexts and building culture from experts. Observe the most interesting modern architecture, visit important buildings and experience exciting cultural facets. Our tours are intensive, engaging and enriching. With meticulous attention to all facets large and small, we elevate your travel experiences above the ordinary.


CHASING THE MONSOON - Vietnam & Cambodia

World Architecture Festival - WAF Singapore

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